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Travel Medicine Kits

In remote areas and in economically developing countries healthcare is rarely comparable to that in the U.S. IMC has developed region-specific medicine kits, for use as a back-up in emergencies remote from reliable medical care. Our kits contain information on illnesses, as well as medications for first-response treatment initiation until appropriate medical care can be located. Where indicated, antimalarial medications are included.

View this page to see complete specifications and pricing of our kits.

In addition, IMC has created sterile syringe and suture kits (Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Kit). Risk of bloodborne infections such as HIV or hepatitis B/C is high in “developing” countries where needles and IV supplies in short-supply may be re-used. And so, such kits with sterile supplies can be reassuring when forced to engage emergently in the local healthcare system.

Similarly, in response to traveler requests, IMC has devised an Ebola Kit for travel to or near West African countries involved in the outbreak to allow real-time disinfection and barrier/respiratory protection for Ebola at-risk situations.

Travel Kit Ordering

You can order any of IMC’s travel kits, although we cannot supply prescription medications, just a manifest of suggested prescriptions we would have provided if you were an on-site patient. After our physician specialist reviews your personal data he will provide recommendations on specific medications, doses, schedules, and durations. You can then have your personal physician fill them.

How To Order,
  1. Fill out and submit Traveler Information Form
    • You will be charged a $35 travel consult fee since you are not on-site.
  2. Call us at ­713-550-2000, to arrange payment.
  3. We will send your kit(s) and our recommendations for,
    1. Trip-specific prescription medications
    2. Immunization recommendations.

Note:  If the particular kit does not include medications (such as the Ebola or Bloodborne Pathogen Kit), you can skip step #1 and just contact us to order the kit.
How do I schedule an appointment?
Online: Schedule an Appointment.
Call Us: (713) 550-2000 A customer service representative will help you choose an appointment time, and can forward any documents to be completed prior to your visit prior to your visit.