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Travel Health Services

International Medicine Center is staffed by a team of experts at providing travel indicated immunizations, antimalarial medications, travel medicine kits, remote work fit-for-duty and medical fitness exams, and internal medicine/infectious diseases/tropical medical consultations enroute or post-travel.

Our clientele are leisure travelers, entire families, corporate workers, adventure travelers, expatriates, and professionals.

We serve all the top energy and international companies in Houston.

Specific Offered Services,

  1. Doctor At A Distance™ (DAD): medical oversight and counseling for evolving situations overseas and at sea; providing optimal input in the use of limited, on-site resources as well as decision-making on case triage.
  2. Medical Director functions,
    1. Medical protocol (for remote workers) development
    2. Develop drug formularies matched to medical expertise/capabilities in remote locations
    3. Medical policies and procedures for specific situations (malaria, Ebola, foodborne illness)
    4. Work-Fitness and Return-To-Work Examinations
    5. Post-Work Incident Exams for work-acquired illnesses and injuries
    6. Perform analysis of medical management of employee’s personal medical providers to communicate appropriateness to company officials with respect to medical issues as the impact employee’s work-fitness (on mutual agreement of the employee and company)
    7. Topical Seminars/Presentations on breaking medical issues relevant to a company’s staff and activities/projects
    8. Function as a company-independent medical operator to handle projects and incidents in which it would serve the company’s and their employees’ interests to have a neutral party to preside and advise
    9. Perform remote project/worksite visits to evaluate reasonably achievable medical capabilities (staff expertise and equipment/supplies) and advise the company on limits of service provision, situations to be handled on-site, and triggers for medical evacuation and triage


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