• Herd Immunity Interview of Dr. Rensimer - May. 8, 2021

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  • Rabies: Tragically, It Happens… And Is Preventable - Jan. 18, 2018

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Tips for Scheduling Your Appointment

New Travel Consultation: This type of visit is best for business or leisure travelers not living abroad for an extended period, who will not be doing physically intensive work, and who do not need any special medical certifications.

Follow-up Vaccination: Request this type of appointment if you were instructed to return to our office for a booster shot. 

Physical Exam: This visit is best for pre-assignment/expatriate business travelers who may not have adequate access to medical care and need medical clearance before starting work.

You can use our online scheduling feature by clicking the Book An Appointment button. IF YOUR PREFERRED APPOINTMENT TIME APPEARS UNAVAILABLE, CALL US IMMEDIATELY SO WE CAN WORK ON A SOLUTION: 713-550-2000. WE GUARANTEE AN ACCOMMODATION.

Edward Rensimer - IMC

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