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I have worked over 25 years in many locations around the world exploring for oil. Some of the areas are quite inhospitable, exposing one to a variety of diseases that can be quite lethal. I first met Dr. Rensimer when receiving my first international travel vaccinations, as he had been chosen to be our company doctor for international medicine.

While I was working overseas, Dr. Rensimer visited our field operations to conduct health evaluations, and presented his findings to our management and staff in London, England. He offered a great deal of insight, and contributed to our understanding of the health hazards and conditions that we faced in some very remote tropical locations. He gave us ideas and checklists that we have used for many years in our global operations, and there is no doubt, that he saved many of our employees from serious medical threats.

I have full confidence that Dr. Rensimer will do the right thing for me, as a patient, and as a person.

Mark C.