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I have been a patient (personal, corporate international travel and personal international travel) of Dr. Rensimer’s for in excess of 15 years.

Three years ago while on a lengthy trip to Peru I became quite ill and decided to treat myself with the medications I had at hand. I had to see Dr. Rensimer as soon as we arrived back in the States. He was very clear that his expectation was that I should have called him to discuss my problem. I will not make that mistake again. Approximately 2 years ago while on a trip to Paris my 30 year old son got very ill and was hospitalized. Even though he was not a patient of Dr. Rensimer’s, I felt comfortable calling him (not even sure what time it was in Texas) Dr. Rensimer immediately accepted my call and talked to me for over 20 minutes. His advice was extremely important in my ability to communicate effectively with the doctors at the Paris hospital.

To close, my husband and I are very fortunate to have such a skilled, caring doctor. We can’t imagine seeing someone else for our medical issues.

Marina B.