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Holiday Cheer

To Patients/ Clients,

Our patients and neighbors, owners of the Taste of Texas were so kind as to include mention of us in their restaurant’s holiday newsletter,

As follows-


Edd and Nina are staying busy working each day at the Taste of Texas, cycling with friends, and visiting and spending time with their nine grandchildren! This past April, Edd started feeling poorly and had a sharp pain in his shoulder. Thinking that it was a torn rotator cuff, the orthopedist gave him a cortisone shot and sent him home. Days passed and Edd’s health began failing fast. He went to visit longtime friend and customer Dr. Ed Rensimer, an infectious disease specialist, who cares for West Houston families and oil and gas workers traveling the world. Dr. Rensimer diagnosed a terrible MRSA infection in Edd’s shoulder. The infection was significantly advanced, and Dr. Rensimer saved Edd’s life. Throughout the world, many know this legendary physician for hi remarkable expertise with infectious disease. For us, he is also our neighbor and friend, and we will be forever grateful for his miraculous care and support.

Claudine and David Hartland are staying busy taking care of Hudson (12), Reagan (10), and Conrad (almost 6) at home and visiting Sam (16) and Campbell (14) at their boarding schools out of state. We were thrilled to have Campbell, Hudson, and Sam working at the restaurant over the summer. Great work guys!

Lisa and Chris Blackard are enjoying living in Singapore with daughters Hannah (9), Elizabeth (6), and Madeleine (2). Chris is working there with Shell Oil, and all have had an amazing three years exploring the Asian-Pacific region.

Kristin and Corbin are loving working at the restaurant on the growing online business. Henry is now three years old and loves greeting customers at the Taste of Texas and knows his way around the kitchen, restaurant, and the new ecommerce facility, where he has his OWN desk!