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Ebola Kit

Ebola Kit ($35)

Ebola Kit

  • 20 Alcohol pads
  • 2 N-95 masks*
  • 2 pkg – 9 wipes ea. Clorox wipes*
  • 2 pair non-latex gloves (non-sterile)*
  • 1-2 oz. hand sanitizer
  • 1 Digital Thermometer

*Items can be added to our Full or Basic Kits for Ebola protection for an additional $20

Ebola Kit Description

At the request of some of our travelers to West Africa, IMC has configured a kit of basic disinfectant and barrier supplies for use in worrisome, unforeseeable exposure to Ebola virus risk from potentially infected individuals or contaminated surfaces. Such supplies are entirely unavailable in countries involved in the current deadly outbreak. Although it is still officially maintained that it has not been proven that the virus is transmitted by airborne contact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control advised commercial airlines crews transporting passengers to and from those countries to place a respiratory isolation mask on anyone on-board with an apparent respiratory illness and symptoms. With such a deadly virus continuing to sustain through populations and actively mutating, it is only prudent to assume the worst. Until there is definitive evidence against airborne transmission, it would be prudent to wear a capable respiratory mask should a co-traveler on your plane become ill with fever unless it is certain that that person had not been in Ebola affected countries or had not had contact with anyone else who had been.

Where and how such supplies are used in an epidemic location is discretionary based upon the traveler’s concern over possible bodily fluid contamination (such as toilet seats; unpeeled, uncooked vegetables or fruits; or other soiled surfaces) or close exposure to sick individuals. This kit is for real-time reaction to perceived or actual at-risk situations.

In keeping with these concerns, you might also consider our Bloodborne Pathogens Kit, as well, in the case of requiring temporary medical care (ask about its contents).

Edward R. Rensimer, MD

Director, IMC