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Galapagos Scuba Diving Unresponsive Leg Infection

Please let the records show that it is my opinion that Edward R. Rensimer M.D. saved my life in 2005. The event was the result of my contracting an infection while scuba diving in the remote Galapagos Islands. The initial examination and diagnosis in Quito, Ecuador proved to be unsatisfactory. Two doctors in attendance could not agree on a diagnosis or a treatment program. They did agree that I should remain in the Quito hospital for at least a three day antibiotic treatment. Having traveled extensively and lived abroad for many years we knew this was not the place to remain for treatment. We thus returned to Houston on the next flight and had the extremely good fortune to be referred to Dr. Rensimer after being admitted to a local hospital. He immediately took charge. With extreme professionalism, he reviewed the circumstances and records, established a hypothesis and immediately started an aggressive treatment program.

Following my dismissal from Memorial Herman, Dr. Rensimer arranged for his nurse to come to his office on the weekend to continue my personal treatment. Throughout this treatment period, I was convinced that my left leg was lost. Dr. Rensimer’s direct, scientific no nonsense professional approach saved my leg and probably my life. Words cannot begin to express my appreciation for Dr. Rensimer’s skill and dedication to my case. 

Duane M.