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Zika Readiness: DEET & Permethrin

Other than killing mosquitoes per se, the standard of care for preventing mosquito bites, the main risk for transmission of Zika virus, is topical skin application of DEET repellent and treating clothing with permethrin to make them a fatal chemical […]

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Zika Virus Disease (ZD)

DISEASE: A viral infection, 1 in 5 infected w/ virus become ill. Symptoms: fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis (red eyes); muscle aches, headache. Incubation time from exposure to symptoms unknown: likely a few days to a week. Illness usually mild: […]

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What You should look for in a Travel Clinic

A travel medicine clinic should, Address both preventive and potential developing medical problems of travelers at risk from dangers inherent to their itinerary and trip activities as well as from pre-existing medical problems or age-related concerns. Expeditiously and expertly handle […]

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The Dilemma of a Positive TB Test

You have been told by your doctor or your employer’s medical department that your tuberculosis (TB) test is positive. What does that mean? Do you have TB?

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Excerpt from “Risky Business” by Dan Oko | Houston Modern Luxury magazine | April 3, 2012 “…physician Edward Rensimer, a medical-mystery-solving version of TV’s Dr. House… …His dominion …the laboratories and exam rooms of his International Medicine Center at the […]

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