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Severe, Life-Threatening Malaria, Cancun, Mexico

  International Medicine Center (IMC) Doctor at a Distance We were closing up for the week on Friday when the call came in at 3:34PM that would change the weekend. An official of a U.S-based energy company with operations in […]

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Tropical Medicine Consultation

I was referred to Dr. Rensimer in 2005 when I returned from Africa with a malady no doctor in our corporate system could identify. Dr. Rensimer did an evaluation and extensive testing that reduced the angst I had at the time. I was concerned that I had contracted an illness on one of my frequent trips to Africa as I often worked in the field where conditions were less than ideal.

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Remote Location IMC Corporate Consulting

I have worked over 25 years in many locations around the world exploring for oil. Some of the areas are quite inhospitable, exposing one to a variety of diseases that can be quite lethal. I first met Dr. Rensimer when receiving my first international travel vaccinations, as he had been chosen to be our company doctor for international medicine.

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IMC Doctor-At-A-Distance

Three years ago while on a lengthy trip to Peru I became quite ill and decided to treat myself with the medications I had at hand. I had to see Dr. Rensimer as soon as we arrived back in the States. He was very clear that his expectation was that I should have called him to discuss my problem. I will not make that mistake again.

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Galapagos Scuba Diving Unresponsive Leg Infection

Please let the records show that it is my opinion that Edward R. Rensimer M.D. saved my life in 2005. The event was the result of my contracting an infection while scuba diving in the remote Galapagos Islands.

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