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Zika Commentary

APRIL 5, 2016 General Perspective Zika Virus (ZV) disease manifests as actual illness in only about 20% of those infected. That fact alone makes it a difficult situation, since there’s no knowing if you’ve acquired the virus in an exposed […]

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Rabies Rensimer and Associates is one of only two practices and about 9 facilities in Harris County where HRIG and rabies vaccine and the expertise to appropriately consider their use post-exposure to a rabid animal or pre-exposure (occupational and travel) […]

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Ebola “The Week The Wheels Came Off”

(or, “What the EV Story Told Us About Leadership Propaganda”)   During October, the U.S. experienced its first cases of Ebola, with surely more to come. I will give more details on all this, but to summarize, The CDC healthcare […]

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EBOLA: Are We Ready, (Part II)?: Clearly Not

U.S. Healthcare System Crisis Readiness In my earlier pieces, I speculated on the complexity of a lethal, communicable disease entering a U.S. healthcare system that likes to promote itself as excellent, and so fire-walled against any real danger of Ebola […]

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Screening for Ebola. Probably Not.

So the federal government is going to keep Ebola virus out of the United States by screening travelers at entry points. This is the same government that brought us Benghazi, the Veterans’ Administration debacle, the Children’s Crusade across the southern […]

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