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Tropical Medicine Consultation

I was referred to Dr. Rensimer in 2005 when I returned from Africa with a malady no doctor in our corporate system could identify. Dr. Rensimer did an evaluation and extensive testing that reduced the angst I had at the time. I was concerned that I had contracted an illness on one of my frequent trips to Africa as I often worked in the field where conditions were less than ideal.

His testing eliminated many of the high risk diseases I could have been exposed to in that environment. I came away from that initial contact with Dr. Rensimer completely satisfied and impressed with his professional demeanor and his absolute knowledge and control of his trade. I consider myself indeed fortunate that someone of his talent was available to those of us who are in a high risk and very vulnerable group.

I have been impressed with his personal commitment to me as an unknown referral patient, and I have chosen to have him as my primary care physician and intend to ask that my wife be included as one of his patients.

As a physician, I find Dr. Rensimer one of the most capable and dedicated professionals in his field. I find his performance to be exceptional and his behavior beyond reproach.

Bernard M.