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International Medicine Center

Your Destination for Travel Medicine

In the growing area of travel medicine, there is wide disparity between the drive-by “shots-clinics” operated by nurses, pharmacists, or others with weekend seminar training and the legitimate experts in the several medical specialty disciplines that qualify one to be a full-service travel medicine provider.  International Medicine Center is that place. One would be challenged to otherwise find, in Houston, Texas, the breadth of expertise about travel-related illnesses and depth of experience provided by the Travel Doc—Edward R. Rensimer, M.D., FACP, director of the International Medicine Center.

Travel medicine is an unique medical service that draws from several other areas of specialty medicine— from preventive medicine, communicable/infectious diseases, and tropical diseases (like malaria) to the general, but as critical, concerns of internal medicine.  Issues regarding special risk-exposure with travel as well as the management of pre-existing medical conditions on challenging trips are the province of an experienced, trained specialist, not that of a nurse, pharmacist, or primary care (wellness) doctor. They may fail to provide appropriate preventive care or treatment for unusual infectious diseases or other time-critical medical situations, unfamiliar or inexperienced with best medical practices, at your expense.

Our focus is providing the complete scope of legitimate travel medicine services. The care we offer is backed by physician-level specialization in infectious diseases, internal medicine, tropical medicine, travel-related occupational medicine, triage (emergency) medicine and preventive services. Dr. Rensimer’s high-level skills are a result of three decades of practicing travel medicine and having earned board-certification in Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine, as well as professional certifications in Tropical Medicine and Travel Medicine. He has served the leading multinational companies, as well as individual travelers, both in the United States and abroad for over 30 years.

We engage every travel medical situation that comes our way because we have the experience and the confidence to handle the broadest range of problems worldwide, even those at a distance in remote locations. We regularly resolve cases that have defied solution, travel-related or not.  Our professional community regards our practice as the leader in the field and as the go-to diagnosticians.

Whether you need immunizations for pleasure travel, a medical clearance physical for business travel, or develop a medical problem en route or upon return home, IMC is your first and last stop. No matter your trip’s destination, International Medicine Center is your destination for travel medicine.


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